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April 2020
CANDIMAD study: a prospective multi-centre laboratory based survey of antifungal resistance in Candida spp. causing invasive candidiasis in Madrid Judith Diaz-Garcia, Aina Mesquida, María Ángeles Meléndez Carmona, Fernando González-Romo, Cuetara Maria Soledad, Nelly Daniela Zurita Cruz, Maria Muñoz Algarra, Maria Del Coral Garcia, Aída Sánchez, Inmaculada Quiles, Maria Teresa Duran-Valle, Carlos Sanchez-Carrillo, Patricia Muñoz, Pilar Escribano, Jesus Guinea Ortega
February 2020
In vitro Evaluation of Combination of Ibrexafungerp and Azoles against Aspergillus spp. Isolated from Lung Transplant Recipients Vidya Jagadeesan, Eileen Driscoll, Binghua Hao, Stephen Barat, Katyna Borroto-Esoda, Tom Chen, David Angulo, Cornelius J Clancy, M. Hong Nguyen
AAAM 2020
October 2019
Candida auris is Highly In Vitro Susceptible to Ibrexafungerp (formerly SCY-078) in EUCAST Antifungal Susceptibility Testing Karin Meinike Jørgensen, Rasmus Krøger Hare, Anuradha Chowdhary and Maiken Cavling Arendrup
TIMM 2019
June 2019
Efficacy of Ibrexafungerp (IBX, formerly SCY-078) in the Treatment of Candida auris Cutaneous Infection in a Guinea Pig Model M. Ghannoum, L. Long, C. Hager, K. Borroto-Esoda, S. Barat, and D. Angulo
ASM Microbe 2019
June 2019
Penetration of Ibrexafungerp (formerly SCY-078) versus Micafungin at the Site of Infection in an Intra-abdominal Candidiasis Mouse Model Annie Lee, Brendan Prideaux, Min Hee Lee, Matthew Zimmerman, Padmaja Paderua, Stephen A. Barat, David Angulo, David S. Perlin, Yanan Zhao
ASM Microbe 2019
April 2019
Oral Ibrexafungerp (SCY-078) in Refractory Fungal Diseases Oliver A. Cornely MD, FECMM, FIDSA, FAAM, FACP
Consultant, Infectious Diseases
Director, European Mycology Excellence Center
University Hospital of Cologne